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is located in Fenggang town,Dongguan city,Beyclean has been involved in home/kitchen water purifiers field since 2015, our factory facilities cover around 10000 square meters, with about 200 skillful technicians working together,in which includes a professional experts R&D team and a strong skillful QA team.

Currently we are serving many famous companies home & abroad.

2011 -Start business as a company dedicating in portable water purifier R&D,retails,import & export.

2015-The name Beyclean is officially launched and the partnerships with famous companies are established.

2020-Go public.

  • Creative product design &  professional filter development & high standard      manufacturing. Product include faucet water purifier,filtration pitcher,outdoor water purifier,portable pitcher,cosmetic purposed water purifier and shower purifier

  • We have patented functional ceramic membrane and high absorption carbon fiber membrane to provide professional&core filtration technology support to customers.and we will continuously work on research of new material&filtration combination.

    • Factory built in laboratory provides provides quick&accurate test report for customers,including:chlorine test,turbidity test ,particle test,cycling water pressure test,chemical oxygen demand test,etc.

      Beyclean concept:Add value to customer,satisty staff's needs to achieve,countinued opreations,benefit society.

      Beyclean values: integrity,innovation,cooperation ,win-win situation

      Beyclean mission: Let people access to use the good quality water in anytime in anywhere.

      Beyclean vision:  Become the leader in the household water purifier industry.



Contact: Alice

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Email: zhangwanyu@beyclean.com

Add: No.2 ,Jinwang road,Jinfenghuang industrial zone Fenggang,Dongguan,Guangdong,China

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