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Dr. Frank Ko, Academician and chief scientist of the Canadian Academy of Sciences, visited Beyclean on January 17th

On January 17th, the Canadian Academy of Sciences Academician, chief scientist Professor, Chairman of high fiber nano material research,  and the professor of the University of British Columbia, Dr. Frank Ko visited Beyclean, carrying out the "functional nano fiber industrialization" as the theme of the symposium, the company's Marketing Manager, Mr.Su Zhibo, GM Assistant Miss Du Yi, R & D consultant Dr. Chen Rouxi and some members the Fenggang enterprises Association participated in the exchange forum.

During the talks, Beyclean Market manager Mr. Su Zhibo introduced the basic situation and development of the strength of the company, Dr. Frank Ko described in detail of the development of functional fiber, the University of British Columbia advanced fiber materials laboratory (AFML), the research results of functional nano fiber membrane materials in environmental protection (air purification, water purification, energy field, health, biomedical research field of Intelligent Textiles) and other industrial applications and market prospects. Then the two sides have a deep communication in nano fiber water purification technology research, Dr. Frank Ko appraised Beyclean in water purification materials research achievements like nano fiber membrane material can be used in the field of household water purification, and he is willing to have further profound cooperation with Beyclean in nano fiber filtration field, thus transforming research and development into real industrial projects.

Mr. Su Zhibo, Marketing manager of Beyclean, led Dr. Frank Ko to visit the advanced water purification material research center and the exhibition hall of the company.

Beyclean, since its establishment in 2015 , has been always focusing on the development of portable water purifier, with a short period of two years’ rapidly development, has been well recognized in the market, Beyclean has been keeping up with the development trend of advanced water purification filter material, and constantly improve their own research and development, this meeting with Dr.Frank Ko R & D team is a great opportunity for further technology exchanges and cooperation, and this ensure that Beyclean’s advanced water purification materials ‘new breakthrough in future!



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