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A brand new beginning-Beyclean shifted facilities to new factory

This July is special for Beyclean.

Dongguan Beyclean Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. holds a celebration in the new factory for the facilities shift in the morning of the July 17th, the shift means a lot to Beylcean, it will lay a more solid foundation for the new journey!

Beyclean staff get ready, with the "new company" blessing and looking forward to waiting for our business leader Mr. Su Kai-feng led us into a new home, embark on a new journey!

At the ceremony, Mr.Su summarized the journey from founding to becoming an innovative R & D enterprise recognized by the industry peers. Behind the affirmative achievements is the diligent and dedicated hardworking spirit of all Beyclean staff, a pioneering and brave spirit of innovation . With a high level of research and development strength and high-quality craftsmanship, Beyclean recognized by well-known brands at home and abroad, won a good reputation and market share.

General Manager Mr. Su also pointed out that the opening of the new factory heralding the brighter future of Beyclean and marks a new journey for Beyclean people. We will proceed from a new starting point, with a new look, bring together talents from all fields, work together, develop the company bigger and stronger, deep plowing the business field of household water purification.

Beyclean people have a common goal, we want to be China's leading company in household water purification industry, we want everyone to enjoy a higher quality of drinking water, we will take a high sense of mission, ensure first-class quality, Cohesion and win-win situation, starting from the new, heading a fresh journey forward!



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