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Congratulations on Beyclean to become a national high-tech enterprises

Recently, the National Hi-Tech Enterprise Management Network promulgated the Notice on Disseminating the First List of High-tech Enterprises to be Identified in 2017 in Guangdong Province, congratulating Dongguan Beyclean Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Beyclean") Passed the certification, officially become a national high-tech enterprises. This indicates that the benefits of clear water in the water purification industry in scientific research, technical strength and other aspects of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Finance, Administration of Taxation unanimously approved, the business usher in new opportunities for development!

The national hi-tech enterprises are the honors set by the state in order to support and encourage the development of high-tech enterprises. The state-level high-tech enterprises are responsible for the overall coordination of their core independent intellectual property rights, scientific and technological achievements transformation ability, R & D organizations Management level and various indicators of growth have strict requirements. In addition to examining the overall business performance of enterprises, more attention is paid to the inspection of important indicators such as the level of R & D and management of enterprises, the technological content of products, the ability to transform achievements, the growth and quality assurance, Strict review process.

Since its establishment in 2015, Beyclean specializes in the field of portable water purifiers. With the mission of "enabling everyone to enjoy high quality water anywhere, anytime," Beyclean insists on developing high performance water purifying media and portable terminal water purification products through independent technologies. In a short span of two years, Beyclean successfully passed the recognition of national high-tech enterprises with its comprehensive R & D investment, outstanding product development capability, outstanding achievement transformation capability and sound management system. By affirming, Beyclean will enjoy the preferential income tax rate, R & D costs plus deductions and other preferential policies, will help enterprises to further enhance innovation and enhance market competitiveness and brand competitiveness.

To become a high-tech enterprise is not only an honor but also a responsibility. In the high-tech R & D and management of the road, Beyclean will tirelessly and steadily enhance their overall strength to the pilot water purification industry positioning and continue to create value for the community!



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