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Counter Top Water Purifier

  • BEC-9032
  • BEC-9032
  • BEC-9032
  • BEC-9032
  • BEC-9032


  • 5 stages filtration
  • smart cartridge replacement indicator display
  • 120L/hour superb filtration flow rate
  • The filtered water can be drunk directly
  • Product description: This water purifier contains a 5 stages filter cartridge and is the longest-lasting chlorine removing filter around .And it delivers a whopping 6 months of great-tasting direct drinking water.

1、5 stages filtration:UF membrane,activated carbon fiber,PP cotton,stainless steel screen.
3、120L/hour superb filtration flow rate,no waiting for direct drinking water,easily meeting water       drinking needs of big family.
5、Cartridge combination and color are customizable.

6、6000L's super long life, you don't need to change the filter cartridge frequently.

7、360-degree rotatable water outlet, which can smoothly discharge water at any angle.

8、ABS food grade components for the filtration system to ensure the safety and quality.


ABS Food Grade Body+UF membrane+Activated Carbon Fiber+PP Cotton+Stainless Steel Screen

0.1~0.45 Mpa

6pcs/CTN, 1,800pcs/20GP, 3,780pcs/40GP


More than 90%






12 months(Depends on the quality of water)


Place Of Origin



A: Yes, we are a leading manufacturer and research and development is our core strength and competitiveness for years. We Q3. What is your MOQ?

Q4.How about your delivery time?

Q5. How to deal with the faulty?

    Secondly, during the guarantee period, we could send some replacement parts with new order for small quantity.

A: We select the reliable and qualified supplier for raw materials. We have precise testing instrument and we have a strong QC team to do IQC, PQC and OQC process with strict standard under ISO9001.

Q7. Can I get the free sample?

Q8. What is your payment policy?

A: Generally we agree with 30% deposit and 70% balance before shipment. Payment with Paypal, T/T, Bank account, Trade Assurance are acceptable.

Q9. Do you have any certificate?

 A: For sample delivery: Provide door-to-door service(buyer pays freight), usually using UPS, DHL and so on. We will choose the cheapest and convenient express for our customers.     For mass production: sea shipping or express. We generally sign the FOB agreement with the customer, so the buyer is responsible for the logistics of the goods on board. Or we can provide cost-effective forwarder for your reference.

Q11. What's your after-sales policy(The terms of guarantee)?

<span style="font-style:inherit;font-size:inherit;line-height:inherit;font-family:" vertical-align:baseline;"=""> A:  Different products, different guarantee policy.  The time of quality guarantee: 1 year.




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