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Faucet Water Filter

  • BEC-8001
  • BEC-8001
  • BEC-8001
  • BEC-8001
  • BEC-8001
  • BEC-8001
  • BEC-8001


  • 4 stages filtration
  • remove 40% chlorine
  • composite caramic filter
  • easy stall
  • Product description: This classic faucet water purifier can be equipped with three different filter cartridges, of which the ceramic filter cartridge can effectively remove 40% of the chlorine.

1、4 stages filtration:natural ceramic membrane,activated carbon, PP cotton and stainless steel screen.
3、Effectively remove 40% of the chlorine, and can also intercept large particles of impurities , algae, sand and rust.
5、Cartridge combination and color are customizable.

6、1200L's water filter life, you don't need to change the filter cartridge frequently.

7、ABS food grade components for the filtration system to ensure the safety and quality.

A: Yes, we are a leading manufacturer and research and development is our core strength and competitiveness for years. We A: MOQ is 1000.

A: Generally we need 3~5 workdays to design the packaging materials when receiving the deposit. Once the golden sample confirmed with the customer, volume order will be delivered 15 to 30 days after receiving balance payment before shipment.

A: Firstly, the defective rate will be less than 0.2%;

    Thirdly, if there is any problem about the products, we will gather all people to solve and find solutions together.

Q6. How do you control the product quality?

Q7. Can I get the free sample?

A: Our factory is ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificated; For the whole finished unit, we have CE and ROHS; For the raw material, we have NSF, TUV, FDA.

Q10. What transportation methods do you use for delivery?

 A: Different products, different guarantee policy. The time of quality guarantee: 1 year.




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